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Mars Ill

Mars Ill
Old Ironsides
(Self Released)

After having their album Pro Pain put back for a couple of years due to legal wrangles, Mars Ill wanted to be able to give their fans something immediate, despite it being the same year as Pro Pain was [finally] put out.

And so the album Old Ironsides was made available by the group to say thank you for the waiting and the continued support and with it coming in a rustic envelope with wax seal, you know it’s had a lot of effort put into it.

Mars Ill are, without a doubt, the most under-rated group in hip hop and have always done things consistently and to an incredible standard. Dust’s beats are always a joy to listen to, with his big booming drums and bluesy samples and as always Manchild’s lyrics are a spiritually intense and heartfelt as ever. This track, Learning Me, is a beautiful reminder of things that can’t always be perfect and is a great indication of the rest of the record. Brilliant.