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Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra
Mean Everything To Nothing

Manchester Orchestra are one of the bands I’ve heard a lot about but never seemed to give a chance, so when I received their new record “Mean Everything to Nothing” it was a perfect time to give them a try. This album is their second official release and after listening I can see why they have gained such notoriety.

The first song The Only One is a chirpy upbeat track that sets an instant tone for the album, serving as a really good opener. While this C.D’s spinning in my laptop I’m wondering why I ever overlooked this band. The next song Shake it Out may not be as upbeat as the first track however it still has the same feel to it, giving the album consistency, which is lacking so much in bands these days.

Singer Andy Hull’s voice has a certain honesty too it, the kind of honesty you hear when you listen to a Bright Eyes record, this gives the album a whole new level of personality and depth. Even with lyrics such as “I’ve got friends in all the right places,” it still sounds tortured. One thing that makes me even more excited about this record is when I hear a piano playing; something I think fits perfectly with genuine emo/indie music.

Manchester Orchestra have really impressed me with this record, and I’d dare to say it shines out through the dim glow of the emo music scene of today, even outshining Brand New’s latest release. When I say emo I don’t mean the kind of kids with black nail varnish and fringes you see running around on Hollyoaks, I mean the kind that came out of the mid west in the 90’s, so don’t be offended if you love Manchester Orchestra and don’t think they sound like My Chemical Romance.

Mean Everything to Nothing is the kind of record that people will really take to the heart and treasure; I would compare it to the likes of Desaparecidos, Brand New, early Biffy Clyro (so it’s no surprise that they’re supporting them on tour next month) and Cursive, but if you are a fan of anything that came out of the 90’s you’ll find some attraction in this band!

If I haven’t convinced you yet I really think you should give this album a try, as I’m regretting not giving this band a try earlier than I did, so go check it out, give it a listen and try to dislike it.

Jonathan Teggert