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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

Chicago’s latest rap export is skateboard fan Lupe Fiasco, who rode into the public eye with his debut single Kick Push. And if you dug that track, then you’ll definitely be feeling his follow up, Daydreamin’.

The smooth beat revolves around the use of the sample taken from I Monster’s rendition of the track [which was itself a cover] and the catchy hook will have you singing along immediately. Coupled with the sample is the laid back beat which serves to let Lupe sound as chilled as possible.

Fiasco, whose debut album Food & Liquor is out soon, has also enlisted the help of sultry songstress Jill Scott who brings more melody with her sweetly sung take on the sample. This track is guaranteed to get you humming along whilst nodding your head and will no doubt be doing some damage on the charts too. Check out the video above as well for some skate shop goodness!

You can check him on his tour dates at the following venues in September:

23rd – Birmingham SECC
24th – London Wembley
25th – London Scala
26th – Dublin