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Captains of Industry

Take two lead singers still in their teens, put them into a studio with! four ot! her solid musicians, add some gnarly bass, a healthy dose of angsty yet arrogant attitude and some sleazy punk pop and the result is Louie’s debut single ‘Trees‘.

At barely two minutes long this is a whirlwind. mind-blowing insight into what’s coming our way. Northern frontmen Jordan Smith and Gaz Tomlinson belie their age with their amazing vocal chemistry, bouncing and sparring off each other with their punchy lines.

It’s a high octane flash in the pan, which is just as powerful as anything longer – a wham bam thank you mam, leaving you gasping for breathe, with the ‘la la la’s‘ from the chorus still singing in your head. The lyrics race through the track, their story telling lines supported by spiralling guitars and a heavy, aggressive baseline whipped into a super energetic bomb of a track.

A tour with ex Clash member Mick Jones has cemented Louie’s claim on the pop punk title and already they’re making the mark on the airwaves. This is one band who’ve coupled youthful exuberance, punk aggression and a cocky swagger without sounding same same and this is a track that races through you like a freight train leaving you shellshocked. Watch this space.

Dee Massey