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Lightspeed Champion

Lightspeed Champion
Falling Off The Lavender Bridge

Going from the electro screamo collaboration known as Test Icicles to the grunge classical Light speed Champion, Dev Hynes has really challenged himself this time as there are high expectations all round after his performance in the far-fetched Test Icicles. Hynes has made an impressive attempt to pull off this challenge after his previous project left the scene with such a huge following. The pressure is on…

This little catchy number is the 3rd single set to be released by this new found country-rock songster. With help from singer/ songwriter Emmy the Great, they form an immense bond which interacts well. ‘Tell Me What It’s Worth‘ brings more of a chilled out vibe to the table, throughout the song it picks up more and more, even announcing hiccupping which is a first. Nice one.

Falling Off The Lavender Bridge is Light Speed Champions debut album which is due for release later this year. I would recommend it as part of your collection. Keep it up Dev….

Holly Louise.