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Les Savy Fav

Let’s Stay Friends
Wichita Recordings

Les Savy Fav have been on the scene bubbling away for years but I’m not sure anybody was expecting the long awaited ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ album to be this good.

This album is a little more polished than other Fav releases such as ‘Inches‘ and ‘The Cat and the Cobra‘ but the progression is welcomed with open arms as the overall sound is perfection to my ears. Imagine a Dischord led sound, powered by intricate drums, Fugazi-esque basslines and the most challenging guitar riffs that take you on a musical journey. Add singer Tim Harrington’s off the wall unique vocals and you have a blend of indie rock and sizzling punk attitude that is quite frankly delicious.

The songs are delightful and all have character. Check the wall bouncing ‘Raging in the Plague Age‘ (stream it on this page) as it gets medieval on your arse from first listen, or the charming lyrics that push the balloon ride of ‘Brace Yourself‘. But just when you think the album cannot get any better, end song ‘The Lowest Bitter’ kicks in and leaves you wanting to hear it all over again. It’s a highlight of the record proving ‘Let’s Stay Friends‘ is by far the best indie record of the year so far. Go get it.

Zac Slack