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Wet Your Knives
(Brew Records)

Brew Records have been churning out some pretty good bands recently, their latest is Kong‘s new release, Snake Magnet. 10 songs of some pretty mind-boggling stuff, this record pretty much sums up experimental music.

These 3 blokes from Manchester are certainly full of angst and are finding the cleverest way of venting it. Each track is its very own headfuck that’s going to leave you feeling drained, but in a good way. Kong are an extremely exciting band that are going to leave you guessing what their song’s going to do next. Whatever they do it’s definitely going to blow your brain.

It seems that this band are influenced by absolutely anything and everything, their music is so obtuse yet acute at the same time, you need to really appreciate music to enjoy it. They’ll fool you into thinking they’re going to play some rock and roll, then stop and have some neurotic screaming to throw you off balance.

That is exactly what Kong are about, throwing you off balance, catching you off guard, you never know what’s going to happen next and that’s such a fresh thing to have in a country full of predictability and let down. Kong are on tour this month and I for one am definitely going to try and check them out as I’m sure their live performance is as wild as the music.

Snake Magnet is such an impressive record and the amount of raw talent that Kong radiate is unbelievable. It is music that’s truly innovative and should be appreciated the fuck out of. If you are willing to give Kong a chance then they could just be your new favourite band.

Jonathan Teggert