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Dynamite Sound
(YNR Records)

The UK’s very own Jehst is back with a 12″ ready to blow every other rapper out of the water once again, as he always does in his inimitable style.

Dynamite Sound [which is coupled with Psychedelic Phlegm] begins with the famous sample of the Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Christopher Walken proclaiming they [the band he’s with] have a dynamite sound. From that sampled loop, comes a widly thumping bassline and Jehst takes up the vocals.

When it comes to an all-round package, Jehst is it – brilliantly clever and funny lyrics, amazing delivery, flawless cadence, he has it all in spades and this track is just another example of his prowess. From calling himself the “rap lobster” to chatting about putting his Puma through the TV in disgust and digging out the breakbeats, its a non-stop headnod fest. This track does exactly what it says on the tin, and delivers one hell of an explosive dynamite sound.

You know what though? Could do with a little more cowbell…