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Jake One

Jake One
White Van Music
(Rhymesayers Entertainment)

“You ain’t fucking with them Jake One beats” blasts Freeway on his opening to forthcoming single The Truth, taken from Jake One‘s new album White Van Music and, quite frankly, Freeway knows what’s up.

Jake One has produced across the entire spectrum of hip hop, from G Unit to I Self Devine, even chucking in John Cena’s entrance theme for the WWE. So when he decided to make a record and show just how far he could cast his line, guest spots from the underground’s finest with MF Doom, Slug, Blueprint and Brother Ali to the commercial brightlights with Young Buck, Busta Rhymes and Keak Da Sneak, prove Jake One caught one this big.

Throughout the album, the beats bang but always fit the lyricist on each track, never falling into the trap of cut-and-pasting an accapella over a beat to save time – Slow jams, club bangers, soulful winders, he has laced them all on this record. The track you can hear is the aforementioned single featuring Freeway and Brother Ali, so get to clicking. Hearing a line about the ROC being replied to with a line about the RSE sums up just what Jake One has achieved on this record – Nooks and crannies to lights on Broadway, he brings them together with ease.

Plus this record has MF Doom rapping about steak and you just can’t you fuck with that.