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‘On Leaving’
Weird World

Easing in at a slightly more relaxed pace than raucous album opener ‘The Impasse’, Hookworms build a laidback kraut-infused jam in their new track ‘On Leaving’.

An intoxicated organ tone and hypnotic guitar riff motor along in tandem, flowing smooth underneath MJ’s commanding vocal. The cycling bass line acts as a magnet, drawing you in close while new drummer JN creates tight, repetitive tension.

Locked in steady groove throughout, this six-minute mesmeriser can’t hold back. As soon as Hookworms hit the 5 minute mark they step on the fuzz and bring full on four-to-the-floor noise as this monster of sound swallows you whole.

Hookworms second LP The Hum is due November 10th on Weird World records.