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Fans of GOAT’s 2012 debut album will know that this band exist in higher sonic realms than to be branded as just ‘psych-rock’. World Music wasn’t your typical Pink Floyd homage, Nuggets era tribute or shrine to Roky Erickson and Commune sees these masked, mystic soothsayers still standing alone in their own sonic territory. Even more mind-bending than the first, GOAT’s sophomore album is a geographical journey. You could even liken this record to a small musical quest.

Fading into ‘Talk To God’, GOAT fuse Hindustani ragas with a vocal line that sounds like a banshee who found melody. Next thing you know they’re caught in a Zulu drumming circle. But just as the final tremolo’d chords of ‘Words’ ring out, ‘To Travel The Path Unknown’ sees GOAT veering far off the beaten track. The shimmering lead lines and rattle snake shakers scale across the desert sands of the Wild West, until ‘Goatslaves’ picks up the bongos and leads the charge deep into the jungle. Layering complex rhythms and percussion, a phased out guitar solo erupts conjuring a pandemonium of parrots to filter into the mix.

Lead single ‘Hide From The Sun’ rockets to a dangerously high sonic altitude, with penultimate track ‘Bondye’ drawing its namesake from ancient monotheistic Voodoo religion, literally translating as “the good god”. If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, Commune’s closing track ‘Gathering of Ancient Tribes’ will. A whirlwind of an exit, boasting GOAT’s genre and culture-spanning influences. This band turn the world’s most primitive sounds into something utterly cosmic, be sure to catch them live at the Camden Roundhouse on October 3rd.

Commune is due for relase September 22nd via Rocket Recordings.