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Catch As Catch Can
(Fat Beats)

Take one multi-Scribble Jam winning emcee, one member of exquisite turntable crew Animal Crackers and mix them up with the beats of a prolific and forever-innovative producer and you’ll get Glue. Rapper Adeem proves time and again that he’s not just limited to battling, with his well thought out and always interesting lyrics, flowing over Maker‘s incredible beats and with DJ DQ up on the cuts, you can’t go far wrong.

This track, A Lot To Say, is taken from their upcoming album Catch As Catch Can and is to be released on the legendary Fat Beats label. The group have taken the step of putting this track up for download so as to spread the word and prove just how useful and broad the world wide web can be. But this is more than just an exercise in the internet’s potential, this is a brilliant track which showcases all 3 members’ strengths and if this is anything to go by, the album will be an absolute cracker!