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Orchestra Of Wolves
(Black Envelope)

It was nearly a year ago that I first clapped eyes on Gallows, supporting zombie-core pioneers Send More Paramedics at the Kingston Peel. I hadn’t really heard about them before, and was impressed by their onstage intensity.

It wasn’t until I wrapped my ears around their recently-released ‘Orchestra Of Wolves‘ debut that I truly fell in love with this bunch of self-proclaimed ‘skinny kids from Watford’. Fast forward a few months, and Frank Carter’s crew are now – quite rightly – the talk of the town, thanks to the aforementioned record and a slew of truly blistering live shows.

If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with ‘Orchestra Of Wolves‘, then you’re in luck; because it will shortly be re-released on Warners. Not only do you get the original album in all its twisted hardcore/rock n’ roll glory, but there’s also a bonus CD that features live tracks, a couple of new songs, and an excellent Black Flag cover. A pretty sweet deal, all told.

You can check out new single ‘Abandon Ship‘ on the link above. As anthems to doomed romances go, it’ll take some beating, and is best experienced in the live setting – where it’s guaranteed to get an already volatile pit to go that little bit crazier. “Mayday”? Mayhem, more like.

Alex Gosman