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Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die
New Junk Asthetic

When Every Time I Die dropped The Big Dirty in 2007, their augmented Southern Rock stylings ensured not a pair of hips was left in the house that wasn’t swinging this way and that to their riffs. So when they released the brilliantly titled The Marvelous Slut with its angled tones and screamed vocals, the fuse had been lit to see just what sonic explosion would be held within their new album’s cover.

New Junk Asthetic is an album that will unite all Every Time I Die fans, that much is clear. Whilst the swagger from the previous album is still there, in the grooving stylings of Wanderlust [which you can hear by clicking the player above] which will make even the squarest of nerds bounce to the chugging guitars, they have reverted to their older material for this marriage.

Who Invited The Russian Soldier and White Smoke are the perfect examples of that, at times stripped down, at times a full on assault showcasing the versatility of Keith Buckley and co. as they pound their way through what must be the best rock album of the year. The album seems slightly short but by the time you reach the end, you only want to play the entire thing again so it’s no bad thing.

All in all, New Junk Asthetic is that record that makes you want to smash up your surroundings and watch it burn, don’t continue living without it!