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“Northern Avenger”
(Sudden Death)

A brand new album from Canadian trailblazers DOA, that marks 30 years in the Punk Rock Business, albeit a brief break in the early Nineties. I think we can let ’em off for catching their breath back there!

This band were a huge influence on me in the early Eighties – picking up their “Positively DOA” EP in ”81 was an El Dorado moment, I’d truly struck gold. And it marked the start of my long term relationship with these Vancouverites and their rabble rousing music. I’ve pretty much followed them thru most of their subsequent releases, jeez that’s a hell of a lot of DOA friends! Sure, we’ve experienced ups and downs along the way… with some records not quite up to scratch. But I can report that a bulk of “Northern Avengers” 15 tracks are really top notch, with Joey Shithead howling like a grizzled hound dog and peeling of scorching riffs, whilst bassist Randy Rampage and drummer Floor Tom Jones (!!) keep the engine room stoked red hot.

Like they’ve been doing for the past 3 decades, their songs rally against the war machine, corporate greed, religious fanatics, police brutality, fighting fascism, and celebrates still being a Punk, right on! Oh, and they like Hockey, the Ice type, ya goofs! It’s a Canadian thing.

In conclusion; a cracking return to form. “Northern Avenger” is Punk with a big shot of Rock, and guess what… it’s co-produced by… Bob Rock!! Check out the track “Crossfire” on the player!

Pete Craven