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Death Grips Double Helix

deathgripsdoublehelix2012 will undoubtedly be the year that Deathgrips top the polls for the most innovative music out there. Due to the flood gates unleashing a million boring musical projects a month across the internet that get hyped one week and forgotten the next, Deathgrips have progressed from mixtape hype to insane live shows and major label backing fueled by their incredible knack of making electrifying music. They are simply light year’s ahead of the pack.

This week they released Double Helix, another dose of infectious media from the album The Money Store that sees vocalist Stefan Burnett cocking the hammer and busting the thunder from the rear-view camera of a reversing vehicle.

“So you really wanna know how I freak it?” – Yes mate, because we are intrigued to find out how your unique skeletal system is bombin’ it. Watch this. Take it in and pass it on. Sick.