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Coconut Records

Coconut Records
(Young Baby Records)

One of the best things about this new track from actor Jason Schwartzman’s musical incarnation Coconut Records is that it uses the phrase ‘Out of control’ in the very first line. I would say that’s in the Top 5 Best Things About The Track. Actually, I’ll go so far as to list what these things are:

1. The soothing voice of Jason Schwartzman
2. The lo-fi acoustic sound
3. The use of the phrase ‘out of control
4. The use of a lilting repeated refrain in place of a full-blown chorus
5. The characteristically sweet lyrics of Schwartzman

The song is lifted from forthcoming album ‘Davy‘ and you can bet that the full-length will be every bit as good as Coconut Records’ touching first album ‘Nighttiming‘. Since the release of ‘Nighttiming’, the existence of Coconut Records has been seeping into the consciousness of indie lovers in the UK and I have yet to know someone who has heard the music and does not love it.

The songs are understated yet beautifully crafted and sincere. ‘Microphone‘ is no exception. It is a wonder how Schwartzman’s music has not become the most popular thing since sliced bread. It’s certainly one of the best things since that famed invention.

Winey G.