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(DRT Entertainment)

They look like your dad and have been rocking since you were a baby, but Maryland veterans Clutch are a band that still remain one of rock’s finest overseas imports.

Since their inception in the early 1990’s Clutch have been a band that thrives only on going forward and never back, changing with both age and the times but never dipping in quality. With a salivating blend of blues-laden stoner rock, hilarious socio-political lyrics and enough facial hair to resurface Wembley Stadium, the band are true hard rock royalty in every sense of the word – a band revered and in some cases worshipped by their
contemporary peers yet bettered by none.

Taken from the recently re-released ‘Robot Hive/Exodus’, the curiously titled ‘10,0011,10101’ is the sound of a band at the peak of their powers.