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Cloud Castle Lake

Cloud_Castle_LakeCloud Castle Lake
‘A Wolf Howling’
Happy Valley Records

Dublin is kicking out some fine new music this year. With acts like Girl Band and The Number Ones pricking everyone’s ears with their grinding guitar noise, it’s both unexpected and refreshing to hear such elegant and wistful sonics hailing from the city right now.

Cloud Castle Lake set a misleading tone with their hypnotic, tribal rhythms. The deep opening beats and bass blend could easily erupt into a wall of sound or a clatter of fuzz’d riffs yet for once, none of the above applies.

‘A Wolf Howling’ is what some could describe as a slow builder, and what most should deem epic. Over six mesmerising minutes, Cloud Castle Lake mold layers of luscious instrumentation into otherworldly textures and timbres. The creeping bass line, cosmic synthesisers and eerie electronics set a dark and introspective mood, while singer Daniel McAuley steals the show with his haunting vocal. Delicate as it is afflicting, McAuley throws his voice to Thom Yorke levels of wailing, hitting near violin-like frequencies.

With their debut EP, Dandelion, out now on Happy Valley Records, Cloud Castle Lake are surely one’s to watch for 2015. Stream it below.