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Chris Brokaw

Chris Brokaw
Incredible Love
(Rock Action)

Styles and trends may come and go but good song writing will never go out of fashion. And good song writing is something that Chris Brokaw knows all about. Having recorded a string of acoustic records, ‘Incredible Love’ is his first full band electric release and sees him teaming up with the elite of the American indie underground (including members of Rodan, Karate, Silkworm) for an album of utterly addictive songs full of sublime melodies and quirky structures and sounds.

It’s no surprise to find out that Brokaw has also worked with Lemonheads man Evan Dando as he shares that same ability to craft songs that may not instantly make sense but once you play them a couple of times, they slowly start to latch themselves onto your brain.

Songs like ‘Blues For The Moon’ and ‘Move‘ are the results of Chris’ many experiences and life in alternative music (he also served in Sub Pop slow-core band Codeine and Thalia Zedek’s band Come) and deserve to be heard by a far wider audience than they probably will be. Spread the word.