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Cecil Otter

Cecil Otter
Rebel Yellow
(Doomtree Records)

When you release a CD so limited that you’re still pressing it up only hours before the biggest show of your career, you know it’s gonna be something a little bit special. Doomtree’s Cecil Otter managed to get his things together in time to have a limited run of his new record Rebel Yellow out at the Doomtree Blowout 2 recently and I’m damn glad he did.

The album takes both his production and rapping to another level, far higher than what was heard on his False Hopes CD and lyrically he is still as poetic and charming as he ever was. This track, the title track on the album, combines a spectacularly comforting guitar loop with some fresh drums and cradles you into submission after the introduction.

Cecil might say “they call me Rebel Yellow, but they don’t know me” but after hearing this, trust me, you’ll want to know him and every last second of this record. As if proof were needed that every member of the crew is absurdly talented, then this is it. Time to let it be known.