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Causa Sui

Causa Sui
Nasoni Records

Well, just a few times a year do you unwrap a jiffy bag and out leaps something bigger than your record collection! Yep, this is the first of the year for me. OK, let’s start at the beginning, this band are from Denmark and they fucking rock. They rock in a way that Hendrix, Iggy and Hawkwind would have liked to in 2006 – full of drug-filled drop outs and heavy shit like you have never tasted it before.

Imagine Monster Magnet’s Spine of God (their only truly great album) mixed with some OG 70’s rock like Sabbath and Doors, well it’s like listening to that and deeper at the root, so you are literally flying sky high to this psychedelic jam of doom from the first track Ventura Freeway. There are just 7 tracks on this album, it comes in just on the hour and took 9 months to jam onto a listenable format from scratch, yes, read that again – the band isolated themselves in a room for 9 months!

Go track this down today and note that when a good record flies into this office, it stands out like a sore thumb up the arse of a clown on acid. Only the band knows what Causa Sui means but to be honest they could be called anything for all I care, I have this CD and you don’t, so get on the interweb and buy this motherfucker. Oh and one more thing, the press release here says “play loud” – I just came all over the cover.

This album is also available on dope double gatefold vinyl for real music fans. (hey band if you are reading this and I don’t get one I will be flying to Denmark with Mrs Bangers and believe me, you will be shitting bricks!)

Chuck Bangers