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Career Suicide

Career Suicide
Attempted Suicide
Deranged Records

Yes! Career Suicide are back with another explosive dump of toxic hardcore that should keep your veins fully charged with fresh blood within the first song. Attempted Suicide, the follow up to the Anthology series was immense but the satisfaction to finally get hold of 25 minutes of the best hardcore on offer right now was a result to say the least when this turned up at HQ.

Opening track ‘Play the Part‘ leaps into all your worries and decimates them all in 1 minute 17 seconds flat followed by the detonation of the powerful and out of control ‘Saving Face‘. From here on in this album is doused in the same quality with Jonah Falco’s schreeching guitars (who also plays drums in Fucked Up), David Brown’s outragiously fast drumming, pumping basslines from Mathew Miller and the vicious infectiousness of Martin Farkas’ amazing vocal delivery that leaves you firmly on the edge of your seat throughout and wanting to start a fucking riot. There are no duffers on this record, it’s all 100% amazing and will leave your ears on the critical list.

If you have spent your life listening to hardcore like Minor Threat and Black Flag and and are looking for something just as exciting in 2007 then look no further. Alternately, if you have just discovered hardcore and this is your first ever installment, then you are the luckiest person ever to read this as Career Suicide will be your new favourite band in one listen!

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