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Annihilation Time

Annihilation Time
Bad Reputation
(Dead Alive)

Annihilation Time are pure filth. There’s no better way to describe them. Mixing howling super-charged Black Flag inspired hardcore with a decidedly dirty rock n’roll edge, imagine Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple played with the intensity of hardcore and you’ll be some way to understanding what this killer band are all about.

Annihilation Time strongly endorses weed, mushrooms, LSD, hash, beer, booze, Vans and Deep Purple’ is says on last years ‘II‘ album on Manic Ride Records. As you can see, Annihilation Time are very bad boys and know how to rock harder than most. And the good news is, they’re here and ready to rip you a new one.

Catch them live on the following dates:


26th Liverpool – Korova

27th Newcastle – Cumberland

28th Leeds – Joe’s Basement

29th London – The Macbeth