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Building Better Bombs

Building Better Bombs
(Totally Gross National Product)

Building Better Bombs are the hardcore band of Doomtree member and Rhymesayers’ rapper POS and this is your chance to slap your ear drums with some noise courtesy of the Minnesotan band.

Stef [POS] and his friend Isaac started off by playing hardcore with a drum machine until Isaac went overseas, but since his return, and with the help of bassist Ryan Olson and Drew Christopherson on drums, Building Better Bombs are back and they’re creating carnage.

The group are ready to unleash their debut full length onto the world, a scorching 28 minute, 13 song screamfest onto the world and this track, Lookout, [this version is taken from POS’ Meat Tape], is just an example of the fast paced sonic avalanche you can expect when the record drops. You like it loud? You want it to fuck your hearing up? Well Santa just came early kids because this is exactly what you’re after.

Head on over to their myspace page at for more tracks off the album and just as much rowdy behaviour.