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Bucket Of B-Sides

Bucket Of B-Sides
Definitive Jux Records

Def Jux have thrown up some of the most influential and memorable hip hop in the past few years, and such is the depth of their talent pool that they have released this album of B-Sides and remixes. Not content with having the likes of El-P, Aesop Rock, Mr Lif and RJD2 doing their thing, they drafted in guest MCs such as Blueprint, MF Doom and Copywrite to bolster their already impressive attack.

Classic songs such as Can Ox’s F-Word and Aes Rock’s Kill ‘Em All both get the RJD2 remix touch taking them to another level, and the new verses on RJ’s own Final Frontier make for incredible listening. Considering the strength of their roster, it’s no surprise these B-Sides are as good as this, but sometimes they go even further than you’d expect.

A bucket full of winners.

Sam Hesketh