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Brother Ali

Brother Ali
Original King
(Rhymesayers Entertainment)

The albino MC made big waves with his Rhymesayers debut Shadows On The Sun, combining powerful story telling with a mixture laid back verocity and hyped passion. With Atmosphere’s beatmaker Ant behind him, his beats have always been feel good and cranks the head-nod up to 10. With his Champion EP, he once again proved he is one of the best MCs in the underground right now and everyone has been anxious to see what he’ll come up with next.

His new album, The Undisputed Truth, is out early next year and will certainly be one of the best albums of 2007 is his past record is anything to go by. Showcasing new tracks at Scribble Jam this year, he proved he’s the man and will continue to prove Rhymesayers are the top of the pile right now in hip hop. This track is from the Scribble Jam Compilation CD and is an absolute banger. Love it.