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Bones Brigade

Bones Brigade
Endless Bummer

Endearingly old-school, Boston skate-core quartet Bones Brigade hark back to the days of flipped-up baseball caps, big shorts and Suicidal Tendencies records. This, their latest record, sees them blasting out thirteen songs of gurning fast and thrashy early eighties hardcore with thrash metal influences.

We used to call it crossover from back when the original hardcore brigade like D.R.I. Corrosion Of Conformity, Agnostic Front and the like first starting injecting the power of metal into their hyper-fast hardcore style. This original fusion gave the hardcore scene a much needed boost back then and maybe the same can be done today. Alongside Municipal Waste, Bones Brigade are firing out some of the finest and most fun high-energy music you could ever hope to skate too. Turn it up!