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Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars

Seattle’s Blue Scholars previous two records, their self titled album and the Long March EP set up forward thinking lyricist, Geologic and an adept beatmaker Sabzi as a group to look out for on the hip hop scene. With their summery tunes, they gathered critical acclaim from all over and finally took the step up by signing to the newly risen Rawkus alongside the much hyped Kidz In The Hall.

This track, North By Northwest, is taken from their forthcoming album Bayani and showcases all that is great about the duo. From the swaying brass through the heavy snare claps to Geologic’s bigging up of his home territory, this is a track that you’re going to be hitting the replay button on time and again.

“Two Scholars rock fresh” he says as the unrelenting tunes marches on and after hearing this four and a half minute blast of feel good hip hop, you’d be one hell of a fool to disagree. Bayani should make waves this year if this song is anything to go by, so keep those ears ready for more.