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Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro
Saturday Superhouse
(14th Floor Records)

Made in Scotland, from girders. Blended with umpteen litres of industrialised carnage and topped off with a glacier cherry. Biffy Clyro are the lovely sort of group that lets their music say every word. And in the case of Saturday Superhouse, the first CD single from highly anticipated 4th album, Puzzle, their music stands up tall and screams talent.

Similar to other Puzzle tracks such as recent download only single, SemiMental, the song intercepts the sound waves beginning with a few notes, before steaming into a jerky, head shaking riff. The trio combine each of their own individual flairs with glorious results. Simon’s twanging licks, James’ vicious bass lines and Ben’s sublime percussion prove that this isn’t a one man band by any means. Neil’s voice glistens throughout, particularly on the superbly powerful chorus that will have you chanting in your sleep.

The material from Puzzle already is confirming that the delay from the Biffy factory was worth it. I have little doubt that when Saturday Superhouse is released on the 5th March that Le Biff will finally be reaping in the credit they’ve deserved for so long. Look out kids, here it fucking comes.