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Borrowed Ladder
Low Life Records

Long knows as Jehst’s hypeman, Asaviour has finally dropped his own solo album and he steps from the shadows to prove that he is one of the heavyhitters in the UK hip hop game. This album involves a whole host of UK beatmakers, including Evil Ed, Jehst, Ghost, Braintax, Mr Thing and Asaviour himself.

From single So Northern with its bouncy beat and untouchable flow through the more laid back Field Of Dreams to the hard pianos of Bangers N Mash, Asaviour rhymes with ease and brings his distinctive voice to the landscape set out in front of him. He brings in guest rappers like Yungun, Kyza and Braintax and doesn’t just hold his own, he outdoes them all, and once again his rapping alongside Jehst is as brilliant as ever.

Asaviour is no longer the fun loving sidekick of UK hip hop, he’s now right up there punching with the heavyweights and if this album is any indication of what the future holds, then everyone around him will need to borrow a ladder of their own to reach his level.