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Where Have You Been
(Ace Fu)

Having been a huge fan of Manchester Orchestra since I first laid my ears on them, I was intrigued when I found out they were touring with a band called Annuals and they had each covered one another’s songs for a split 7″.

Annuals, I thought, not The Annuals. Too many ‘The’ bands around right now not doing anything remotely interesting. Simply, Annuals. So I gave them a shot and was very impressed indeed.

Covering Manchester Orchestra’s haunting ‘Where Have You Been’ is not an easy task, but Annuals have taken it and put a very nice electronica twist on it, with beats and loops reminiscent of The Album Leaf and airy vocals on the side of Death In Vegas. Basically, it’s awesome because it’s an amazing band covering another amazing band, because they’re friends. On a side note, MO covered an Annuals song as well. You scratch my back…