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‘No Werewolf’
Innovative Leisure

Allah-Las have a superb new album out on September 15th. ‘No Werewolf’ doesn’t even feature on the new record, yet it has been filling our ears on repeat all weekend.

How could anyone resist music so achingly cool? Allah-Las’ dark, yet dulcet tones concoct a serving of garage surf-rock so aurally delicious, that Roky Erikson himself surely couldn’t do anything but grin and lick his chops as this triumphant instrumental brews.

Some might say ‘No Werewolf’ is monotonous, maybe even predictable, but I’d argue the opposite. This is utterly hypnotic, often indulgent, garage rock to make your head spin. Maybe there’s even a hint of primitive psychedelia in there too, or, dare I say it, some rock ‘n’ roll? After all, this is a cover version of The Frantics’ 1960 single, ‘Werewolf’.

Regardless of comparison and influence, ‘No Werewolf’ feels like the fastest two minutes and twenty nine seconds of your life. With each additional play, you just don’t want this song to end, genuinely living in fear of the last chord. Surely the most essential cover version of the year, it’s an understatement to say Allah-Las have outdone themselves.

Dave Palmer