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Abstract Rude

Abstract Rude
The Government
(Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Abstract Rude is a rapper that has bubbled under the radar for quite a while now. However, his new album, set for release in early 2009, is coming out on Rhymesayers, home to Atmosphere, Jake One, Brother Ali, I Self Devine and P.O.S. Surely if there was a label that excuded the highest of standards, it’s this Minneapolis based home of hip hop.

In the run up to the just finished US elections, we were inundated with song after song of people getting on their respective political high horses, demanding this and that, explaining to the world that if one person got into office, the world would be an amazing utopia, empty of problems and devoid of evil.

Clearly, this was never going to be the case and this is what Ab Rude raps about in this track. Yes, he’ll vote for Obama, because he is the lesser of two evils, but he implores the listener to remember that whilst there is hope in change, nothing will be fixed immediately. What makes this track stand out above the others is that Ab never preaches, he never sounds like he’s forcing his ideas upon you and this plan of attack brings his intelligent and level-headed ideals to the fore.

That, and the beat is fucking dope.