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Big Deal

Sakura_EPBig Deal

Big Deal didn’t hit the ground running as steadily as a hoard of other bands that emerged at a similar time back in 2011. But as the years have passed, with names fading into obscurity, the release of their latest EP Sakura sees Big Deal proving themselves to be more of a slow, steady burner of a band rather than a flash in the pan.

Opener ‘Talk’ harks back to the good old days of Big Deal. Where there were once choppy and shrill guitar riffs, peppered with juvenile lyrics, Alice and Kacey have now risen to the plate with a new take on production and song-writing. Keeping their youthful essence in buckets but with smoother melodies, making ‘Talk’ a well timed leap forward in terms of progression.

Second track ‘Always Boys’ is less cautionary tale, more lament over relationship behaviour. This track perfectly demonstrates the new found ‘California soul’ slathered all over this EP like a thick layer of sun cream applied in blissful abandon.

The eponymous track’s off kilter melody feels like a genius spur of the moment jam, capturing the essence of why Big Deal tracks always hold such a good vibe; because they can make you feel like you’re the first and only person who is ever going to hear the track. It’s personal, intricate and up close.

Closing up a truly great EP is ‘Figure It Out’ which amps up the ante but only mildly – everything is just so hazy, all you can liken this track to is waking up, the morning after the night before, still slightly drunk but happily so. A joyous listen from start to finish showcasing a mighty song-writing partnership, Sakura is out now via Mute.

Rachael Scarsbrook