Lords of the Swords 2013 vote!

So here it is, this year’s Lords of the Swords video comp. If you have never heard of this before and are wondering what all this is about, the Essex skate scene here in the UK have an annual get-together, various tasks are written into the rule book and each team has to tick them off whilst providing the best sessions they can muster up. Kind of like King of the Road but with Daggers, slags and fish ‘n chips in the pissing rain.

Many teams hit the road with filmers and returned with whatever they could muster. The videos you see here are the ones that made the cut, so click through to each individual video page and vote for your favourites by the use of Facebook likes. You can vote for more than one of course so get stuck in and await the final results on Saturday 28th September at 7pm.

Please note that there are 3 extra ‘pro edits’ in this line up as per usual (well 2 until the third video is delivered in working order). These will be voted for seperately as they contain skaters that are sponsored. Go forth and vote for both now.