Zombie Brand Skateboards video entry (Pro team comp)

Zombie Brand Skateboards video entry was filmed by Fishboy, Dodo, Tom D and Punk Luke and edited by Fishboy. Riders include Set Roy, Anthony Demascio, Punk Luke, Lewis Fitzpatrick, Black Metal Mike, Georgie Elms, Si Skipp, Warren Stafford, Dodo, Tom D, Ricky Williams and Fail. Guest Riders this year are Becky Jaques and Daryl Nobbs.

Last year’s Lord Of The Swords was Epic! We could not turn down the opportunity to get involved again. As im sure you know the competition’s only open to teams of amateur skaters, but somehow we’ve been dubbed as the ‘Pro’ team. We know we can’t win, but that’s not what Lords is about. Any excuse for a bud and beer fuelled weekend of skating round essex and we’re there!

We’ve thrown this little edit of some of the stuff we got up to, apologies for the lack of footage from day 2, but you try getting a team to skate after weed, acid and around 180 beers! p.s I know we can’t win, but if you wanna throw a vote our way it’s nice to be appreciated. Hope you enjoy it!