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Two and a Half Men

It has come to Season 5 of 2 and a Half Men and things are developing quite well. His season of the hilarious comedy staring Charlie Sheen sees his character become more matured, his nephew becoming interested in girls, his brother still trying to lean how to talk to women and his mother dealing with a new man in her life.

The season opens on Jake’s first day at high school, as if a new year is beginning alongside a new season. His character grows throughout the seasons dealing with girl issues, attending concerts, disobeying his parents and once again slacking in school. Alan gets a little desperate in this season; he pays for a prostate, gets thrown out of his brothers home, dates a friend and gets very jealous of Charlie’s unexpected success. Charlie seems pretty much the same however; a sex obsessed male that gets into a bit of trouble due to his womanising. He does grow later in the series, getting closer to his mother, dates an older woman, realises sex isn’t as important as he thought in relationship and actually proposing to a woman, with disastrous outcomes.

As the youngest character in 2 and a Half Men has grown to that adolescent stage in his life in which he questions some more mature matters, Season 5 has much more mature comical aspects. Some episodes deal with sexual matters, Charlie’s personal rash and even things such as jokes are ruder and more grown up with rude natured outcomes. As always the comedy present here is some of the funniest things you’ll see and hear. Charlie’s drinks and pills scene are very funny; as is Alan’s bid to raise money, Charlie’s jingling prospects and Jake’s overall attitude. There is so much realism in the arguments and comedy situations between the family, especially Charlie and his brother, so they are not only funny and enjoyable but also believable.

It was great to see a return from loonytoon Rose. She had always been a great personality to view and with her relationship with Charlie always being a great chuckle, expect even more laughs then ever. It was also an unexpected to surprise to see Jenny McCarthy making an appearance as Charlie’s new love interest and future stepsister, with a dark side.

One of the most shocking and enjoyable episodes occurs when writers of CSI and 2 and a Half Men decided to give it a shot writing for another genre, so writing an episode of the other show. The writer of CSI were able to keep much of the humour on their 2 and a Half Men episode in which a death, the first shown in the programme, causes suspicion. It includes all the back shots CSI is famous or as well as some close up images where certain shots are filmed in detail, each focusing on Jake such as his teeth while eating or an inside look at his stomach, it has a very entertaining outcome.

If like me you enjoy watching the bonus footage, then here you can see the CSI episode written by the 2 and a Half Men writers and a look at the 100th episode of the show. Season 5 is likely to be the most enjoyable season to the hit American comedy due to its adult content development and increase in storylines and comedy. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the Harper family.

Michelle Moore