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Surviving Evil

Focus Films

The title Surviving Evil describes the entire plot of the film. But just what evil, isn’t revealed straight away. The opening alone to this film is startling so just imagine how much more alarming it could become as the story develops. Let me set the scene – a woman in childbirth, rain pouring, thundering and lightening clapping. Suddenly a hand breaks through the thatched roof and everyone begins running for their lives while a creature slices and dices body parts.

The story revolves around a group of TV documentary makers who travel to an island near the Philippians, to make a series called ‘Surviving the wilderness with Seb Beazley’. While there, two of the crew are familiar with myths and legends of the Island; one such includes flesh-eating creatures that dwell on the island who have a particular taste for pregnant women. As the crew set out to find natives of the Island, they come across such creatures and the fight for salvation begins.

There are some scenes that are likely to startle you. Roasted hands fall from the treetops, rotting corpses, falling dead bodies of young children and individuals getting ripped to shreds. At first there is a sense of mystery surrounding the creatures. They can be heard moving and rustling through the treetops since the jungle is “throbbing with life,” then glimpses of them can be seen, such as the image on the camera and then they make themselves known. When they do the images of the creatures is horrendous. You remember the evolution process, the theory that we all evolved form ape like creates, well these guys never evolved to the human status as we did. They became savage, vampire like creatures that have a taste for blood and flesh. They have developed wings and have the ability to transform into other beings. Within the beautiful scenery of a beach island, there are some areas in which these creatures live that are surrounded by bloody vines.

Surviving Evil is certainly not for the squeamish. But if you are an admirer of all things gross and disgusting, then Surviving Evil may be your new favourite movie.

Michelle Moore