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Amnesia is like one very long hangover in the respect that you remember very little about your whereabouts. In the case of Pandorum, imagine waking up strapped in a spaceship like coffin, no memory of who you are, where you are and what your duties were only to later find out, the parts you do begin to remember you wish you had continued to forget.

This is the experience for two of the flight crew aboard the spaceship who emerge from a deep sleep disorientated and alone with very little memory of what is going on around them. As they delve deeper into the creaking ship, they discover some unfriendly visitors onboard. From the producers of the Resident Evil films, Pandorum is an exhilarating sci-fi flick with added action and enough horror to satisfy our sordid little minds. The aliens that have made their way onboard are nasty bloodthirsty extraterrestrials, combining all the worst parts of creatures from horror / sci-fi flicks of the past with enough additional yuck to be disgusted by yet creatively impressed over.

There have been countless alien flicks over the years and I hear you say why is this one any different? Typically alien orientated films involve an invasion of some sorts. Pandorum returns to the days when you first set your eyes upon Sigourney Weaver and her experiences in Alien. In a similar fashion the characters here must fight for existence, but the film still has imagination and originality. Not only with the sub-human look of the characters, but the presences of a space sickness, pandorum, which causes you to become a “little unstable”. This particular feature of the film is very interesting, if not confusing at times.

There are moments that will make you turn up your lip and say “ewww!”, times you want to shout “shh!” at the screen and other moments that will make you gasp with unexpected surprises. Whether you are a sci-fi nut, an alien obsessive or just someone who like a good puzzle, Pandorum has all this and more.

PANDORUM arrives to DVD & Blu-ray on 15 February 2010.

Michelle Moore