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Die Hard 4.0

20th Century Fox
Out Now

Ah, Detective John McClane the reluctant hero is back to drive retribution into the faces of bad guys everywhere; bloodied, battered and not a moment too soon. For all those planning on dismissing this film because its predecessors were good enough, allow me to tell you that this film is better than Die Hard 2 and 3 in all their 90’s glory.

Needless to say I was slightly anxious when I entered the screening. All my childhood memories of Bruce Willis kicking foreigners out of skyscrapers, off boats and such left me in such anticipation I almost wet myself.

Let me quickly summarize; McClane unwillingly picks up a local hacker, with the intention of handing him over to some important government agents, chaos and confusion develops, and suddenly it’s the technical apocalypse of America. While America is returning to the dark ages, McClane alone must stand against the mastermind hackers, lead by ex-FBI intellect Thomas Gabriel, and trash their fantastic plan to destroy the United States technical, economical and national utility power, (OH NO a firesale!).

Matt the local hacker is unwillingly dragged into the mess as a sort of digital-nerd aid to McClane. The unlikely duo quickly become allies working together; as brains and brawn, new and old, chalk and cheese, and other appropriate opposites. Ready to stop this silly Internet thievery with brute strength, some guns, a bag of gizmos and a couple of trusty automobiles, they create an endearing pair. Their banter is cheesy and clichéd throughout, but in that charming manner which Die Hard would be empty without.

The action sequences are skilfully done, running with perfect narrative smoothly leaping from high-speed car chase to fist fight to explosive air displays. There are a few laughable and improbable moments. At one point McClane is mid-fight with Mai, (Gabriel’s hot sidekick) and not being bothered by chivalry punches her in the face once or twice, when he is thrown out of a window. Minutes later as Mai is holding Matt at gunpoint, McClane drives a car into the room ready to plough into her, forcing her down an empty lift shaft. How the hell did he know it was there? Was he driving the car around the corridors, looking for the right door?

There were also points that made me want to vomit but they were unavoidable, speeches of heroism and being “that guy”. Luckily though they were few and far between, interspersed with guns and fights and sleek computer monitors.

I don’t want to compare it to the previous Die Hard films, but its impossible not to. Die Hard 4.0 doesn’t have the same wit and ultra violent action as the first, nor does it have the blood and profanity of the other two, but it is an over the top, extremely slick adrenalin fuelled ride, guaranteed to make you look like a twat as you leave the cinema with a massive fucking grin on your face.

Emily Paget

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