Night Raids

Crossfire Xmas Party 2006!

On Saturday December 9th 2006, the Crossfire Xmas Jam was treated to an afterparty that saw 150 special guests arrive at Mau Mau on Portobello Rd in West London for our Xmas knees up.

Most people that came were covered in alcohol by the end of the night, where Joe Driscoll took to the stage and performed a 1-Man entertainment system that had the place rocking like no other.

If you were there you will know. Merry Xmas!

Bums and boobs from the off!

Irish Steve and Munson queue up for Scrooge but Rodney gets the prize…

This place has turned into a dating agency!

Spiralling out of control early, so the fashion police were called for Colesy!

Bristol and London represent!

Crossfire crew in party shocker!

“If we think hard enough Ivan may pop up like Aladdin…”

Cramming them in…

Z-Ed with Zak and Cates whilst Chris Oliver gets the beers in!

Heroin Whalers and The Ultimate Sausage

There ain’t no party without Shezza and Zorlac…

Pritchard lost his head!

Porno Paul was disgusted whilst Steak fried well done…

Wileman won a tracksuit – Tom stole it and sold it!

Niall Kenny getting Casual on our asses – be careful he has all the evidence!

DJ Ed Pitt even got Fos on the dancefloor!

My Mum always said look out for the ones with red eyes!

Habgood and Syd rule whilst people notice that Jamie didn’t rock Globes…the debate continues.

Flynn’s hand controls Munson and Hopson is controlled by Duracell!

Go girls!

Fuck off Hulk, we will have ya!

It’s about the good times innit, Merry Xmas – Happy New Year, see ya next year!