Night Raids

CSC Party – Buffalo Bar – Cardiff

May 18th 2010

This month saw Cardiff’s often overlooked skate scene get a meaty feature in Sidewalk Magazine. To celebrate, Cardiff Skateboard Club teamed up with the ever-reliable party planners at the Buffalo Bar and threw a mighty shindig complete with big jams, lots of tasty skate videos and photographs as a backdrop and dirt cheap booze.

Essentially everything that those lucky enough to live and skate in Cardiff have come to expect as standard from Jim O and his troupe of lost boys by now.

The Buffalo Bar had never looked so good; the walls smothered with blown-up prints from local Cardiff lens-thrusters Mike Ridout and Phillip Mortimer, as well as an enormous version of the article itself. This was a night with more than one purpose however. Sure, we were there to celebrate a skate scene that’s as welcoming as it is tightly-knit, that goes without saying. But there was one major selling-point for those uncertain if getting licked on a weeknight was a good idea or not: new Steve King footage. Look out for the ‘Time Stretched Promo‘ and be sure not to sleep on an extraordinary talent, even if he himself sleeps on it.

Big props to CSC, City Surf and Al Power for throwing a top night. Follow them @iwantmycsc