Night Raids

Bizarre Ball 2010!


This Saturday the annual Bizarre Ball took place at the Coronet in Elephant and Castle to a packed house and was a night to remember. Everyone apart from us (sorry but I’d left my gimp mask at my girlfriends house) were dressed up to the nines in leather, bondage, heels, corsets, masks, animal outfits, horror attire and way more!

It was a freak-fest of the highest order with stage action from sword eating Mongolian men to burlesque shows and of course the mighty Gallows playing live on this hallowed eve. The band came on with a Sex Pistols cover of ‘God Save The Queen’ in balaclavas and lead singer Frank Carter who is well known for his controversy over the years decided to pee in a potty and louse it into the faces of those moshing in the pit!

The booze poured expensively (fuck the Coronet for charging £4.50 a pint) and the girls rolled out in latex and the highest shoes known the mankind. A filthy night of fun was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, here’s some shots from the night in question which was fully Raided, well done to all involved.