None More Punk

None More Punk Oct 2007

The None More Punk Show is back with the best show yet! Just look at that playlist below, you know you are salivating at the prospect of it jumping into your ears.

DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry have found and delivered brand new and classic punk and hardcore to bring you an hour long radio show to keep you on your toes. Click the flag above for instant stream or go to the feeds section of our site to podcast it.

If you would like your band on the next show, contact us and leave us a message with a link to your music.


1. The Plight – Clarendon (Visible Noise)
2. Building Better Bombs – Look Out (Totally Gross National Product)
3. Gay For Johnny Depp – (Captains Of Industry)
4. Outl4w – No More Survivors (Inl4w Wreckords)
5. Born/Dead – A Look At The World (Prank)
6. Red Dons – Walk Alone (Deranged)
7. Zero Boys – Civilisation’s Dying (Bitzcore)
8. Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today (Revelation)
9. Bad Brains – Jah Love (Megaforce)
10. King Blues – Under The Fog (Field Recordings)
11. Jeffrey Lewis – I Aint Thick (It’s A Trick) (Rough Trade)
12. The Hold Steady – Same Kooks (Hassle)
13. Against Me! – White People For Peace (Sire)
14. Free Beer – We Can Do Whatever We Want (Alternative Tentacles)
15. Beyond Possession – Attitude Problem (Death)
16. The Descendents – Hurtin’ Crue (SST)
17. The King Khan & BBQ Show – Zombies/Learn My Language (In The Red)
18. Spazz – Urinal Cake (Heathen)
19. Army Of Flying Robots – How’s That For A Kick In The Cunt (Heathen)
20. Adrenalin O.D. – Bugs/Pizza & Beer (Relapse)

Heavy Shit

Heavy Shit Show September 07

It’s been ages, but THE worst Heavy Metal Radio Show in the World is back on the air to pollute your lugholes. On this show, DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry forget what they are playing and generally fluff the entire thing from start to finish but also manage to get some slamming choons in so you don’t switch off too early. In fact, you can see them below if you are bothered.

If you want your best friend naked on the next show, email him/her to us and we will expose them.Don’t tell anyone about this show, not even your Nan….


1. High On Fire – Rumours Of War (Relapse)
2. Orange Goblin – Vagrant Stomp (Mayan)
3. Taint – Barnstorm Zombie Revival (Rise Above)
4. Prong – 3rd Option (13th Planet)
5. Coliseum – The Fate Of Men (Relapse)
6. Akercocke – Summon The Antichrist (Earache)
7. As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left (Metal Blade)
8. Every Time I Die – Rendez-Voodoo (Ferret)
9. Blackhole – Witches (demo)
10. The Outcry Collective – Lennons At Night (Signature Tune)
11. Hawkwind – Psychedelic Warlords (Castle)
12. Ministry – Let’s Go (13th Planet)
13. The Plight – Clarendon (Visible Noise)
14. Coalesce – Immigrant Song (Hydra Head)
15. Blood Tsunami – Evil Unleashed (Candle Light)


Manchester Orchestra podcast

When the guys from Atlanta’s finest musical export, Manchester Orchestra dropped by for a chat, we though we would record it for all of you to have a listen as well. Click that flag above for instant stream.

Singer and frontman Andy Hull along with guitarist Robert McDowell were happy to chat to us for ages here at HQ about their brand new album ‘I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child’, cannibalism, sweating, showers, beards and much more.

If you fancy lending an ear to hear what they had to say then click here to get the code and download the full podcast, or if you’ve got a bit more time then click the picture above and use your eyes to read it as well.

Indie Show

Indie Show August 07

So we’ve been a bit quiet on the Indie front of late, but that’s about to change right now. A brand new Crossfire Indie Show featuring some bands you may have heard of, and some you may not, we’ve got a little bit of everything from Black Helicopter to Karen O, from Death From Above to Caribou, and from Oceansize to Manchester Orchestra. There’s also a little surprise that will probably leave you feeling really disappointed- a new presenter. Fuck yes, he’s rubbish.

1) Black Helicopter – Buick Electra – Ecstatic Peace
2) Foals – Two Steps, Twice – Transgressive Records
3) Battle – Tendency – Transgressive Records
4) Bonde de Role – Office Boy – Domino Records
5) Death From Above 1979 – Little Girl – 679Recordings
6) Does It Offend You Yeah? – Let’s Make Out – Virgin
7) Manchester Orchestra – Wolves At Night – Favourite Gentlemen Records
8) Karen O – Hello Tomorrow – Interscope
9) Adem – Launch Yourself – Domino Records
10) Beirut – Postcards From Italy – Ba Da Bing Records
11) Band of Horses – The Funeral – Sub Pop
12) Kotki Dwa – Little Flags
13) Caribou – Melody Day – City Slang
14) Jim O’Rourke – Therfore, I Am – Drag City Records
15) Oceansize – Unfamiliar – Beggars Banquet

None More Punk

None More Punk August 07

DJ Zac Slack and James Sherry are back with another riot fuelled None More Punk Show for your pansy ears. This months show pays respect to The Ruts , and delves into 24 tracks of the finest slices of Punk we could muster up.

Look out for the secret track at the end of the show as we have a live recording of a track from a recent special live performance – if you were there then you will know, and if you didn’t make it we will get you halfway there! If you would like your tunes played on the next show, please get in touch via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

August 07 Playlist

1. Social Distortion – 1945 (13th Floor) (Epitaph)
2. Brain Failure – Coming Down To Beijing (Household Name)
3. Big D And The Kids Table – Taking Back The Rhythm (Household Name)
4. The King Blues – Come Fi Di Youth (Field Recordings/Island Records)
5. The Ruts – SUS (Strange Fruit)
6. Henry Rollins – My War (Sanctuary)
7. Bad Brains – Jah People Make The World Go Round (Megaforce)
8. Gallows – Sick Of Being Sick (Black Envelope)
9. Madball – Smell The Bacon/Colossal Man (Roadrunner)
10 . Project X – Straight Edge Revenge (Bridge 9)
11. Septic Death – Hardware (Pusmort)
12. Shitlickers – War System (Distorted)
13. Swing Kids – El Camino Car Crash (Three One G.)
14. Shellac – Spoke (Touch & Go)
15. Shellac – Copper Song (Ground Rule)
16. Pissed Jeans – A Bad Wind (Sub Pop)
17. The Ruts – Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi)
18. Pegboy – Through My Fingers (Touch & Go)
19. Grey Matter – Bite The Bit (Dischord)
20. SNFU – Snapping Turtle (BYO)
22. NOFX – Shower Days (Epitaph)
23. Rocket From The Crypt – Pressure’s On (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
24. Nomeansno – Terresea, Give Me That Knife (Alternative Tentacles)
25. Th Ruts Live with Henry Rollins – Islington Academy London.

Hip Hop Show

Hip Hop Show May 07

Ready? Steady? Go! Crossfire’s deadly duo DJ Zac Slack and Abjekt are back to mix it up once again with the best beats around. Taking you on a journey through an electro-hip hop club with the bass boosters charged and the system banging, this is one for the head-nodders out there.

Click the flag to get the show rolling, go to the feeds section to podcast and if you want to request a track for the next show, point your mouse here and ask for it. Right, on with the beats, hip hop is go!

1. Oh No f. Murs – In This (Stones Throw)
2. Saian Supa Crew – Exercises (Virgin)
3. DJ IQ f. Verb T & Asaviour – The Right (Man Can)
4. Visionaries f. Ariano – In The Good (Up Above Records)
5. Sol.illaquists Of Sound – Property & Malt Liquor (Anti-Records)
6. TTC – Dans Le Club (Big Dada)
7. Plastic Little – Club Banger (Tone Arm)
8. Kid Sister – Southside (Self Released)
9. DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody (Ed Banger)
10. Chromeo – Needy Girl (V2)
11. Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s (Columbia)
12. Funkdoobiest – Who’s The Doobiest (Epic)
13. The Goats – Do The Digs Dug (Columbia)
14. Qwel & Maker – Where I Go, There I Go (Galapagos 4)
15. RJD2 – Beyond The Beyond (XL Recordings)
16. Nujabes f. Substantial – Eclipse (Hyde-Out Productions)
17. Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux)

None More Punk

None More Punk May 07

Last week was hell for me. I was sitting here typing up playlists for the site, realising i was skint. My favourite squeeze was on my case over something or nothing and the world seemed to be demanding my presence. In these situations there is only one solution, one angle where you know without any outside influence your entire life is transformed and back where it belongs within 2 or 3 minutes. A feeling of power descends over the weakness and the troubles are lifted within one bar, one crash of a cymbal, one 3 chord riff.

I’m talking punk rock, hardcore, whatever you wish for, never forget, it is always there to rescue you from the daily grind, just make sure you defend your stash of vinyl so no one else takes it, it’s a powerful thing.

Welcome back to the None More Punk Show with DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry. This latest show should keep you out of trouble for the next hour, just don’t tell anyone else about it and click the flag for instant stream. To podcast this show, go to the feeds section and get the code you need for some pocket punk…

The Crossfire None More Punk Show will be live this year at the Download Festival in the Duracell Tent with Special Guests Gallows on Saturday 9th June from 10pm-2am. Dont miss it.

May 07 Playlist

1. Pulling Teeth – Our Down Fall/Never Wrong (Chainsaw Safety)
2. GBH – Race Against Time (Sanctuary)
3. Gorilla Angreb – Astma (Feral Ward)
4. Hostage Life – Sons Of Hostage Life (Household Name)
5. Suicide Bid – Demonised (Household Name)
6. Phinius Gage – Battered And Bruised (Smalltown)
7. Chillerton – All We Know (Boss Tuneage)
8. Silicon Vultures – Incest Wounded Nun (Captains Of Industry)
9. Melt Banana – Spider Snipe (A-Zap)
10. Lakes – Our Town (Signature Tune)
11. The Scare – Bats! Bats! Bats! (Dance To The Radio)
12. Riverboat Gamblers – The Song We Used To Call Wasting Time (Volcom)
13. Pink Razors – The New Justin (I Wanna Be) (Robotic Empire)
14. Born To Lose – Borrowed Time (People Like You)
15. Frontkick – Blue Tainted Blood (People Like You)
16. Detention – Dead Rock N’ Rollers (Redrum)
17. The Subhumans – Shut Your Eyes (Alternative Tentacles)
18. Butthole Surfers – The Sha Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave (Alternative Tentacles)
19. Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern (EMI)
20. Geriatric Unit – Kill The Pose/Little Voice Of Reason (Violent Change)
21. Spermbirds – Set An Example (Boss Tuneage)
22. The Bulemics – Blood Orgy (Scarey Records)

None More Punk

None More Punk March ‘07

I hope you are ready for carnage as we have a foul mouthed show lined up for you this month courtesy of DJ’s James Sherry and Zac Slack.

Just click the flag above for instant stream or go here for podcast info.

Raging hardcore, snotty garage punk, old school, new school, and so much more is stuffed into this hour off punk rock excellence this month. Get involved and send your band link to us for the next show or if you want to send in requests, then click here.

The None More Punk Show is now live at Koko in Camden every 3rd Saturday of the month in the Crossfire Room at Klub Kerrang!. Come and see us. Check the music zine for dates and FREE tickets every month.

The image used on this page was taken by Edward Colver. Go to to see all of his amazing punk photography.


1. Career Suicide – Saving Face/Play The Part (Deranged)
2. Das Oath – Tropical Malady/The Twinkle In An Eye About To Be (3.1.G.)
3. The Vicious – Alienated (NY Vag)
4. Lost Patrol Band – Little Obsession (Burning Heart)
5. Clorex Girls – Walk The Streets (Lookout!)
6. Jay Reatard – It’s So Easy (In The Red)
7. Regulations – Hollywood Smile (NY Vag)
8. End Of Year – The Browns (Revelation)
9. Fugazi – Epic Problem (Dischord)
10. The Evens – Everyone Knows (Dischord)
11. 3 – Dodger (Dischord)
12. Roger Miret & The Disasters – Noho Soho (People Like You)
13. Trapdoor Fucking Exit – Distractions (No Idea)
14. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor (Grand Royal)
15. Dash Rip Rock -Hee Haw Hell (Alternative Tentacles)
16. Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch The Landlord (Alternative Tentacles)
17. Butter 08 – Degobrah (Grand Royal)
18. Fifth Hour Hero – Playing Politics (No Idea)
19. The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys (Virgin)

Indie Show

Indie Show March 07

The Crossfire Indie Show is back on track with an hour of the latest tunes for you to find in your local store.

This month we have some brand new straight-of-the-box indie pop, explosive indie rock, cunning classics and the best electro indie pop we could muster up.

If you would like to request a tune for the next indie show then click here. Click the flag for instant stream or podcast into your pocket from the feeds section.


1. Father Of Boon – I Am Entirely In Agreement (Self Released Album)
2. Wolf & Club – This Mess (4AD)
3. Flaming Lips – Hit Me Like You Did The First Time (Warner Bros)
4. Future Of The Left – Fingers Become Thumbs (Too Pure)
5. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – The Sons Of Cain (Touch & Go)
6. Pods – Name In Vain (Pods)
7. Kristian Hersh – In Shock (4AD)
8. Joanna Newsom – Bridges & Balloons (Drag City)
9. The Ponys – Double Vision (Matador)
10. Sound Team – Back In Town (Parlophone)
11. Spoon – All The Negatives (Matador)
12. CSS – Alala (Sub Pop)
13. Princess Superstar – I Like It A Lot (K7)
14. Clor – Good Stuff (Regal)
15. Peaches – Do Ya (XL)
16. My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Creation)
17. Piskie Slits – Big Far Mouth (Wrath)
18. Pavement – Rattled By The Rush (Domino)
19. Bonnie Prince Billy – Lay And Love (Domino)

Hangover Sessions

Hangover Session Feb 07

Yes, the world’s most chilled show is back on the air and ready to get you through those Sunday mornins with ease. DJ Zac Slack brings you a selection of old and new so you can lay back and forget about everything in sight whilst HQ burns around him!

Turn off your phone, shut the curtains, roll a fat one and click that flag for an instant stream of goodness directly to your soul. Podcast this baby by going to the feeds section on this site and hook up your pocket.

If you would like to request a track for the next Hangover Session, click here.


1. Bonnie Prince Billie – Cursed Sleep – (Domino)
2. Tunng – Red and Green – (Full Time Hobby)
3. James Yorkston – Steady As She Goes – (Domino)
4. Plus Minus – Profession – (Absolutely Kosher)
5. Steve Turner – Pushing Up Daisies – (Beautiful Happiness)
6. The Dexateens – Downtown – (Skybucket)
7. 22-20’s – Friends – (EMI)
8. Brightblack Morning Light – Friend of Time – (Matador)
9. Ween – Captain – (Sanctuary)
10. Bedouin Soundclash – Music My Rock – (Side One Dummy)
11. The Aggrolites – Thunder Fist – (Hellcat)
12. The Shins – Weird Divide – (Sub Pop)
13. Father of Boon – We Make Progress – (Self Released)
14. Eric Matthews – Fried Out Broken Girl – (Sub Pop)
15. The Evens – You Fell Down – (Dischord)
16. Jefferson Airplane – The Ballad of You Me and Pooneil – (BMG)