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The entire Dischord Records archive is streaming on Bandcamp


Stop what you’re doing. Over thirty years of rich U.S. punk history have been immortalised online for your listening pleasure. Dischord Records have uploaded their entire discography to Bandcamp.

Renowned for their ever-uncompromising DIY ethic, this is a wonderfully savvy move. Fans can now feast on the likes of Minor Threat, Rites Of Spring, Dag Nasty, Fugazi and so, so many more classics, and obscurities, for free, in their entirety, without a whiff of Apple Music or Spotify.

Tune in below to the eight tracks that started it all and click here to browse the full archives.

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Bring Me the Horizon vs Brian Baker beef


Yorkshire’s Bring Me The Horizon got righteously slapped down on the internet this week when Minor Threat/Bad Religion and Dag Nasty guitar legend Brain Baker took offence to a sign (above) the band had put up around the backstage area of the Resurrection Festival in Spain that read: “These people are not to be stopped ever. They may not have a pass. They can escort who they want where they want with or without a pass.” Brian instagrammed the sign and said “I’m going to stop these people every time I see them today and tell them how much their band sucks.”

BMTH singer Oliver Sykes and drummer Matt Nicholls responded with their typical arrogance: “Hahah I can’t imagine being as old as you are and still acting like a 14 year old girl. Saw you at least 10 times and you didn’t bat an eye lid. You got bigger things to worry about nowadays anyway, like ya pension, or cold weather. Dickhead.”

Brian Baker’s response tells these spoilt children exactly how it is. You don’t fuck with the guy that wrote Out Of Step.

“It seems you’ve missed the point entirely. The issue here is entitlement. My post was a comment on your collective delusion that working local crew at a thirty band festival should be required to memorize your faces to spare you the indignity of breaking stride on the way to your backstage oasis or even worse, the humiliation of carrying credentials. Your literal display of arrogance (and the hilariously unrecognized irony within it) was what I was sharing with my followers. I honestly don’t know if your music is bad or good – it’s not for old people! I meant that you suck as humans. Sorry for the confusion.”

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Big Boys documentary incoming

Ph: Ben DeSoto / 1980


Austin’s legendary skate-funk-punk pioneers the Big Boys disbanded in 1984 but they are fondly remembered for one fundamental reason; there were no limits to what they could do musically. No shackles, no boundaries. Their punk rock was in their heads, not restricted to their music. Trouble Funk collided with the scratchy post-punk of Wire and Gang Of Four, smashing head on with the energy and spirit of that first wave of hardcore punk.

“I’m a punk and I like Sham, Cockney Rejects are the world’s greatest band. But I like Joy Division, Public Image too, even though that’s not what I’m supposed to do,” sang frontman Randy ‘Biscuit’ Turner in the song Fun Fun Fun, perfectly summing up what the band was all about. Their gigs were a chaotic celebration, their lifestyle pushed as hard against the boundaries as their music did. In short, the Big Boys ruled and they deserve their own movie.

Enter Austin director Joe Salinas, whose forthcoming doc You Can Color Outside the Lines: The Big Boys is aiming for a Sundance 2016 premiere. The trailer for the film has just hit the web and features an impressive cast of talking heads from the era. Ian and Alec MacKaye, and Jeff Nelson from Minor Threat, Dave Grohl (obviously), Glenn Danzig, J Mascis, Steve Caballero, Steve Albini, HR, Kevin Seconds, David Yow, Keith Morris, Steve Alba, Lance Mountain, Exene Cervenka, John Doe and Tony Alva are among the many individuals telling the story of this incredible band.

Here’s the trailer. Go skate, make noise, start your own band. No restrictions.

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Descendents are back with a new album!

Descendents - Primary Photo - Credit Kevin Scanlon

Well this is rad news, the Descendents are back with a full new record this summer and have streamed a new track ‘Victim of Me’. It’s lifted from the new album ‘Hypercaffium Spazzinate’ that is scheduled for release on July 29th through Epitaph Records.

Sounds like they never went away! Pre-order the album here.

Descendents - album cover

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Misfits are rejoined by Glenn Danzig

They said it would never happen, mainly because for the last three decades original Misfits bass player Jerry Only and notoriously uncompromising frontman, Glenn Danzig have been locked in a bitter dispute over ownership of the band, music and iconic logo etc.

But it now appears that for the first time in thirty-one years, original members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein are reuniting for the Riot Festivals in Chicago and Denver in September this year.

Quite what has prompted this turn-around in events is not yet clear, apart from the obvious financial motivations. Whilst Doyle has been regularly turning up to perform Misfits songs over the last few years with Danzig, Jerry has been forging ahead with his own version of the band for many years now, recording four studio albums and touring the globe many times over whilst Danzig has continued with his solo career.

Whether there will be more shows to come is not yet known, but for now, the thought of getting the chance to see the original band is certainly enticing!


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Dag Nasty announce UK tour and 7″ on Dischord


Dag Nasty have made a return with a new 7″ ‘Cold Heart’ and have also announced their first ever live shows will take place in the UK this August.

Fronted by original vocalist Shawn Brown, who sang on the epic Can I Say album, the band, consisting of Brian Baker, Roger Marbury and Colin Sears have re-ignited their famous melodic hardcore flames in the studio with, you guessed it, Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios, the first time all four original members have been together again for 30 years.

Look out for the new 7″ that will feature two freshly recorded tracks released on Dischord on May 20th.

The band will be heading to the UK this May to play the following shows. Tickets on sale here from tomorrow.

04/08/2016 – Newcastle – O2 Academy2 – UK
05/08/2016 – Glasgow – O2 ABC2 – UK
07/08/2016 – Blackpool – Rebellion Festival – UK
08/08/2016 – Birmingham – O2 Academy3 – UK
09/08/2016 – Bristol – The Fleece – UK
10/08/2016 – London – O2 Academy Islington – UK

Have a sample of what new music is coming…

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Brighton’s Strange Cages debut cathartic new single


Spat with venom, frontman Charlie McConnochie claims “I’m not a bitter person”. However, with a sound akin to the fervour of a bad trip, ‘Catharsis’ is a lucid outpour seeping a paranoid sweat. Seething and unrestrained, the latest single of the Brighton trio sees a minor departure from the coolly delivered desert psych the band had debuted with.

With visuals that swirl and contort, Strange Cages’ latest video meets the deranged psychosis of their ‘cathartic release’. The perfect tonic to this insanity is nothing more than the motorik undertones of the track. “There’s actually a five minute version with a long kraut intro that might one day surface”, McConnochie says of the track, recorded by Lauro Zanin from the Brighton band Wax Machine at Studio 284. Watch the video below.

Strange Cages will support Night Beats tonight at Brighton’s The Hope and Ruin. Get tickets here.

Words: Yasmyn Charles

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Iggy Pop and Josh Homme have announced an album

Photo credit to Elizabeth Weinberg

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme have announced plans to release a record together. Kept a top-secret and fully independent project until now, the album, titled Post Pop Depression, will see its release in March via Loma Vista (Marilyn Manson, Spoon, Ghost).

According to the New York Times the album is said to show “both songwriters’ clear fingerprints: the pithy, hard-nosed clarity of Mr. Pop’s lyrics and the unflinching tone of his voice; and the crispness, angularity and deft convolutions of Mr. Homme’s chords and melodies.”

This pairing of forces came about with a text message sent from Iggy Pop to Josh Homme, who told the Times it said something along the lines of, ‘Hey, it would be great if we got together and maybe write something sometime — Iggy’. Several phone calls later, and a fed-ex package sent from Pop to Homme containing a heap of material and ideas, including memories of his time spent in Berlin with the late and great David Bowie, the two gentlemen wound up in a rehearsal room.

Beginning sessions last January, the pair financed the project entirely out of their own pockets with no record label, with Homme recruiting a full band himself. According to the New York Times, Iggy has stated, “it was made to be heard — not to be some quirky thing that we did with our own money, ha-ha.”

In a conversation after the initial rehearsal Iggy told Josh, “you took me to a place I’d never been.” With Homme replying, “this was to go where neither of us had gone before. That was the agreement. And to go all the way.”

Watch this space for new music.

original article via
image credit: Elizabeth Weinberg

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Glassjaw return


13-years on from their last full-length, New York post-hardcore clan Glassjaw mark their return to the fold this week with ‘New White Extremity’.

With details of a full new album TBA this first cut arrives sludgy, expansive and taking no prisoners. Check it out below.

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Fat White Family UK tour dates February 2016


Fat White Family will be hitting the road next February across the UK to support their new album ‘Songs For Our Mothers’.

Head here to read our feature on why they are the best thing to happen in British music for yonks.

20 Feb: Birmingham, Institute 2
21 Feb: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
22 Feb: Sheffield, Plug
23 Feb: Dublin, Whelans
25 Feb: Belfast, Limelight
26 Feb: Glasgow, Garage
27 Feb: Manchester, Academy 2
28 Feb: Oxford, Academy 2
29 Feb: Bristol, Bierkeller
8 Mar: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
9 Mar: London, The Coronet