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Vicious: Too Fast to Live

Alan Parker (Creation: £11.95)

Sid Vicious may well have been an impressionable idiot who swallowed his own hype and chased it down with numerous armfuls of smack, but he is still the embodiment of the smash-it-up, fuck-them-all attitude of punk. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t play an instruments because he looked brilliant and had great hair and ‘too Fast To Live.’ is crammed full of pictures of Sid in all of his fucked up glory. It also tells his short story in the most detail yet. Author Alan Parker became close friends with Sid’s mother Anne Beverley and gained a good insight into what Sid was really like and also claims to have unravelled part of the ongoing who killed Nancy conspiracy theories. Yes, Sid was an idiot but it’s easy to forget just how young and impressionable Sid was when his whole life turned into a drug addled punk rock cartoon. He was just twenty-years old when he died ” he was still just a kid and people forget that. Before he”d even had a chance to grow he was thrown head-long into a drug-addled chaotic world with the full glare of the world’s media in his eyes. Who wouldn’t lose the plot? The fact is Sid lost it in spectacular style and took it right to the limit and over the edge. Yes, he was dead at twenty-one but he”ll be remembered for years to come. Will you?

James Sherry