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A book by Andrew Pommier
Holy Water

Wow, this book is a real treat. If you skate then you may already know that Andrew Pommier has designed insane graphics for Toy Machine Skateboards and also Momentum Wheels over the last 2 years, and if you do not skate, this book has to be read for some of the most twisted art you will see out there. Pommier’s sketches come across as being, sad, lonely, oppressed and pitiful, but this is the view from the artists eyes, that maybe after a deep interview will come to light just how they did eventually end up on paper. With the use of animals including rabbits, squids, bears, dogs, bumble bees and deer’s Pommier creates images of humans connecting with these species like you have never seen before, all with a subtle message added for confusion and thought.

His fascination with rock and roll, cigarettes and the dark side of life are features that you simply cannot ignore in this amazing 40 page full colour book released by Holy Water in the UK.