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A Cliché book.

Today I got a hold of the new photo book from Olivier Chassignole and everybody’s favourite Euro skate company, Cliché. The book is entitled ‘rendez-vous’, and invites us to a rendez-vous with the various visions of different lens-men within the skateboard community. Among the different contributors are Mike O’Meally, Ed Templeton, Fred Mortagne, Ollie Bartok, Olivier Chassignole, Pontus Alv and many more. Each person has a few pages to himself, or herself as is the case of Laure Allegrini, to showcase their point of view from behind the camera. Some use polaroids, whilst others go for finer, more colourful prints. Sections that particularly appealed to me were those of Eric Frenay, graphic artist for Cliché, Ollie Bartok, for his little character inserts, and Ed Templeton, for his ability to capture a slightly seedy yet captivating perspective of people.

This is the second book that has come from Mr. Chassignole and Cliché (the first being “A little book about skateboarding and other things), and the quality continues to surpass itself. This book is not your average TWS photo annual or clever opportunity for a company to showcase its riders.

This book portrays skateboarders and the different things that surround them and interest them,be it their pet dog, a landscape or musicians. For a small book there is plenty to see and admire. I will keep it close to hand and show it to others if they can’t get hold of a copy themselves. “Rendez-vousâ?” has only been around for a little over a month, so copies may be difficult to find straight away, but I”m sure Cliché will distribute them shortly. If you are interested in this collection of photographers work contact Olivier Chassignole or Cliché at: 29 Rue F. de Préssensé, 69100 Villeurbanne France or

Ralph Lloyd Davis.