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John Lennon and the FBI Files

Alan Parker and Phil Strongman (Sanctuary Press)

There has always been a question mark over the reason why Mark Chapman, an apparent John Lennon obsessed nut, had actually pulled the trigger on Lennon outside his house in 1980, especially after evidence found that the man in question only owned records that Lennon had performed on. The Beatles were outspoken whilst Lennon captained their fame throughout the 1960’s and in that period his words and the success of the Famous Four were noted by many, including America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. This fantastic book written by Alan Parker and Phil Strongman analyses evidence from the FBI’s files on Lennon and portray theories that link together the mystery of Lennon’s death to the deceptive Government operation. These deceptions are compared to many other assassinations such as JFK, his Brother Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. These public executions were a string of assassinations riddled with unanswered questions concerning the work of the FBI’s head honcho J Edgar Hoover, of whom many would interpret to be a cold blooded killer and a bungling liar.

Of course, Lennon was a very popular guy and influenced millions of people throughout his successful career, but his efforts to stop Wars and help people retain some dignity in their lives were never understood by the powers to be, as people trusted Lennon far more than they ever trusted Governments. But 24 years after his death, the FBI files on Lennon that are made public have been tampered with, paragraphs of information have been “blacked out” under the rules of “National Security” and still many questions remain disclosed. This book is an enthralling read that sucks you in from start to finish and leaves you agonised for truth at the final hurdle.